The Sue B - Bagel Sandwich Box

The Sue B - Bagel Sandwich Box

from 110.00

Variety of our all-star bagel sandwiches! Priced $11 per person. Minimum of 10.

  • The Craig D - Seasonal Fruit Cream Cheese, Nectarine, Bacon, Hot Peppers, Chips on a Plain Bagel

  • The Rihanna Flex - Cream Cheese, Smoked Salmon, Cucumber, Tomato, Onion, Capers on an Everything Bagel

  • The Amare - Candied Salmon Cream Cheese, Cucumber, Crispy Shallots on a Za’atar Bagel

  • The Efron - Whitefish Salad, Bacon, Seasonal Greens on a Sesame Bagel

  • The Julian - Seasonal Fruit Cream Cheese, Fresh Seasonal Fruit, Chocolate Babka Crumbs, on a Chocolate Bagel

  • The Mila - Hummus, Cabbage, Carrot, Hot Pepper and Cilantro Salad, Spicy Sunflower Seeds on a Za’atar Bagel

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